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Thank You For Your Support

I could sit here and tell you that I've come this far by myself but it would be a lie. We all move forward together and I'm super grateful for all the help I've received with Briar Rabbit over the years. Thank you for helping me spread the word! 

It comes down to is sharing. If you dig something, say something. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool an artist can have on their side.


Bring your buds to the show:

You have friends that like to see live music and have no clue who to see. Bring them out to a show, they will thank you for it and so will I. It automatically makes you the coolest. Hell, bring a whole group of friends and be the ringleader.

Sharing is caring:

Share a Video/Song/Playlist on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify that really resonates with you. 


Demand Me

Tell your college/favorite venue/local festival that to bring me in!


Invite your friends to like Briar Rabbit on Facebook

An invite to check out a new band is way cooler coming from you than any marketing campaign! 

Here's how

1. Go to the Briar Rabbit Facebook Page.

2. Locate the list of friends with tabs next to them that say "Invite." 

3. Invite friends until your finger falls off or you've chosen your friends who'd dig it. 


Invite friends to Facebook events

Facebook doesn't allow met to invite people who like my pages to events, only post them. So if you see a FB event you should most definitely all your friends in the area who you think would have a blast at the show. 


Buy some merch! Wear your Briar Rabbit shirt

Chances are if you're a BR fan, you're probably sexy as hell. There's no better way to get the word out than a sexy person rockin your shirt! Don't have one?



As it says on the bottom of the site, Rabbit receives no outside funding. So if you have some extra bucks and really enjoy what Briar Rabbit does, you can donate. All money donated directed supports, the recording, touring and promotion it takes to keep this machine moving.