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I got a chance to talk to Matt Hires about the weird things he ate in China, songwriting, how he got his start, our favorite podcasts and some tour predictions! 

Matt Hires is a singer-songwriter formally on Atlantic Records who has had songs on Grey's Anatomy and Toured the world. Phillip-Michael and Matt discuss cowriting, eating in china, being an independent musician, and their favorite podcasts! 


Phred has always been ridiculously talented but now the rest of the world knows it. He played a different instrument every year from middle to high school band. He plays guitar/keys and is the musical director for Bruno Mars as well as Selena Gomez


Josh Moshier is a dear friend of mine and is extremely thoughtful. His opinions on music are pretty great and it's always a pleasure to sit down with him. We got a chance to talk a bit about LA, Filmscoring, a musicians mark, Jazz and producing records. 

You can check him out

Check out his reel! 

Check out his Jazz 


On losing privacy with super stardom....
"Tolliver: The fact that people would actually care what you do on a day to day basis, that would be hell for me
Briar Rabbit: Right.
Tolliver: ....Cause I do a lot of weird shit"

Tolliver is a great Soul/RnB singer I met in Chicago. He plays in a band called "Black Diet." One of my best friends, he and I spend an hour talking about all the things you're not supposed to talk about. Race? Yup. Politics? Yes. Money? Sure did. All that glitters ain't gold, kids! 

Decorations (Devon Geyer)


So this dude and I  became bast buds when I moved in underneath his apartment in Boston. Easily one of the nicest most talented dudes I've had the honor of calling my friend. He and I played in a band together and toured. Then he produced my record this Spring and convinced me to move to LA. His band, Decorations, is putting out an EP on October 16th on French Kiss Records. I couldn't be prouder of my little brother from another mother! Did I mention he can PLAY? 

Couple bonus photos! Us in 2008 and us in 2015! Somethings never change....