Berklee College of Music

Decorations (Devon Geyer)


So this dude and I  became bast buds when I moved in underneath his apartment in Boston. Easily one of the nicest most talented dudes I've had the honor of calling my friend. He and I played in a band together and toured. Then he produced my record this Spring and convinced me to move to LA. His band, Decorations, is putting out an EP on October 16th on French Kiss Records. I couldn't be prouder of my little brother from another mother! Did I mention he can PLAY? 

Couple bonus photos! Us in 2008 and us in 2015! Somethings never change....



What a good way to catch up with close friends? Jonah and I discussed how he bridges being a jazz pianist and an electronic producer, social media, and growing as an independent artist. You can check Jonah out here: