From Your Bones

The Great Routine 

Briar Rabbit & The Company You Keep

From Your Bones (2014) 

So long
I've been talking to a dial tone for too long now
Suspending disbelief and tuning logic out
So fed up with the fiction I stick to with conviction
Misery is not for me

So long
It's time that both your ghost and I move on

So sick of scanning every public place for your face
just in case you decide to show up unannounced
As if we mapped and divvied up this town when it ended
This hell I propel has to end

We fell in love and fell apart
I kept the pieces in a broken heart
It's hard but there's piece of mind
Knowing somewhere in the city theres a scar that matches mine

Indian Summer
I had given into fall, put all my shirts away
I made my preparations for my hibernation
I made peace with getting cold, kept things so casual
Then in you come, Indian Summer

Oh well I guess that's how this type of thing goes

Slow and steady wins a race
and I'm finally keeping pace
With a desperate athlete's faith
My love, you taught me not to leap
But you caught me talking in my sleep
My best intentions always get the best of me

I've been waiting on you like a bus in the rain
Soaked to the bone but so glad you came

As the lightening lit the room, I never felt so nude
So I pressed my lips against your flesh
to prove myself to you
Because the fact is my past was practice
and each love was a direction on a map that led to

"Oh darlin, I know. That's why I told you hold me close"

Then you looked into my eyes like they were crystal balls
Like they contained all there was to see
and I heard a grown man, tell the kid inside of me
it's time for you to leave

I've been waiting on you like a bus in the rain
soaked to the bone but so glad you came.

I've never been very fond of listening to the odds
They've got a false sense of authority
I could spend my entire life overdosing on advice
But I just gotta know what I can be
So the only choice left for me
is fly or hit the cold concrete

I am sleep walking on a wire please don't wake me up
Because the fall has killed better men than me
I'll show you grace
Just let me dream

Oh love I know the money's tight
But I swear that I will do you right
Please just put away your guillotine
I understand you've got your reasons
Cause you've loved kings and felt their treason
But babe I swear that blade aint meant for me
Cause the embers in my chest glow brighter
and now I'm breathing fire

Face to face with my own faith
in a delicate dance nobody sees
I feel her hips sway in my inky hands
then the glass runs out of sand

Bothered No More
It's been a minute or two since I thought about you
The idea of us feels hypothetical
Moments we shared that were broken repair
They carry no weight
They carry no water

It took me a while to see what you did to me
Carried your words in my head for a century
Till I looked down and found they were still there
But I can't bring myself to be bothered no more

I was distracted and proud (I kept everything loud)
No wonder I missed the sound of a burglary
Losing my mind over my misplaced pride
who thought I could find it in your bony fingers

It took me a while to see what you did to me
Carried your words in my head for a century
Till I looked down and found they were still there
But I can't bring myself to be bothered no more

I'm sorry I wasted the time with bricks on my spine
they make terrible company
Dear, your burdens belong on your back and realizing that
brought me right back

It took me a while to see what you did to me
Carried your words in my head for a century
Till I looked down and found they were still there
But I can't bring myself to be bothered no more

This is as close as I get to checking in
I hope you're alright
I hope you're still breathing

Gifted Girl Blues
I found the poetry you keep in your breast
Next to all the quarantined dreams you had
So I strip down, I took a breath and sank beneath
The water line and when I opened my eyes
I could have cried

Ever since the age of six you learned to keep it in
Curly hair and off-white skin, checked boxes that never quite fit
But you bit down and took a breath and found a grin
You said "being brave is a choice we make"
You never said it was easy

Haunted tales you seldom tell turn fingers into fist
Heartless, Spineless, Faceless figures make my mind violent
But you calm me down, tell me "They're not around
besides, it's been years
there are things in this house we just don't talk about"
then something in your voice shatters

When you go there
You bury despair like a seed
Don't you dare sit under that tree

Come sit with me

I tried to subscribe to a life that's not mine
Serving purposes that don't serve me
Where your head goes here and your heart goes there
The twain shall never meet
cause if they did you might fly higher yeah
You might catch fire

Why am I invisible when I'm not puttin on a show?
Why do I see myself through all these eyes they're not my own
Some days I wonder if it shows

I caught myself mid escape from a feeling of fate
that little voice that don't stop talkin till it sees
What's on the other side, what happens if I really try?
The little traitor turned his volume up and took the fader

I got a bottle of success on the shelf
It is corked with patience
My shakin hands beggin me to celebrate
But in my right mind, I'm just waiting on the right occasion
to seize

Cause I feel so invisible when I'm not putting on a show

Bad Blood
My love she always talks
But she don't always use her lips
Sometimes she talks with her hands
and some nights she talks with her hips
But lately, I don't understand
cause her messages often conflict
"Everythings fine" is promptly undermined
by a cold stiff goodnight kiss

So tell me where to go
When the bad blood starts to flow

My god, all I gots my word
and I feel like a fool since I gave it to her
"Taking it slow" means that she runs the show
and I sit in the dark till the curtain is closed

Oh just tell me where she goes
When the bad blood starts to flow
God, where'd she go?

Well mariage was never framed
and hung up inside of her home
It was more like a ball and a chain
with a warden whose kisses were stone
So when I got it stuck in my brain
that "I love you. Forever." was more than a phrase
I couldn't have been more wrong
All I got was a year and a handful of songs

God, I wish I'd known where to go
when the bad blood started to flow
Because now we have to pretend
that we are strangers again

From Your Bones
Who are you and what'd you do with someone that I love?
What slithered in your ear and turned your head against your soul?
I see a brilliant beast talked into a cage
with so much there to give but all of it contained

Don't you know you built this house from your bones?
Now you're shaking over things that don't exist till your eyes close

Who stole your roar?
Who pulled your teeth?
Who shaved your mane and said you shouldn't eat meat?

There's an actor out there somewhere, he hasn't found his crowd
So at night he screams in showers trying to replicate the sound
His friends phone frequently but secrets keep him hoarse
Rejection takes its course, he checks his messages and someone says

Don't you know you built this house from your bones?
And the you that I once knew had a will that shattered stones.

Who stole your roar?
Who pulled your teeth?
Who shaved your mane and said you shouldn't eat meat?

It wasn't me

I don't have the answers, I don't know what I would do
All I got is time and ears and confidence in you

Lock up Before You Leave
Darlin, lock up before you leave
I can't have no one comin in
Can't go through this again
So darlin, lock up before you leave

I didn't believe in much but I believed in us
So much so, I even brought you home
Where everyone agreed, that you would make good family
and though it never happen they're not wrong

In your living room, I said goodbye to you
and all your words were clinical and cold
The only way you know to hide
a pain that don't subside
Is to twist the tale the way you need it told

And in the barracks of my brain
There's a voice that screams in vain
It's pleading for some sort of amnesty
I tell it "I don't like a war anymore than you
but it's the only way we'll ever make it through"

Crooked Teeth
When I awoke, I was lying in the sand
with a hole in front of me
Bout the size of my head
I brushed off my beard,
Wiped a tear and took one last look at the sea
Then walked home from the beach

Who knew
You could lose yourself so quickly
In a few short years
You hear someone else's words
in your mouth as you speak
But they fit like crooked teeth

I'm mad at myself for believing the ink
thinking and dreaming aloud
letting my feet leave the ground
and ending up here
where it's clear that I took it too far
and some love is better left at the bar

But you're just like me love
You're just like me
You hate being wrong
about anything

So we had to pretend this was something so grand
Our heavy hearts and scars were part of the plan
We lied to you love, we lied to me


The Great Routine (2012)

Hello, How do you do?
I am the coon (That's what they tell me)
Still a boy, twenty-two years old
So feel free to scold when I don't do what you want me to
What'll it be?
I'm here for your use
Just ask the Coon

I dreamed of the stage as a kid
Though it isn't as bright as it was on my eyelids
I'm convinced there's no job as fine
as delivering lines and hearing folks laugh at em every time
So I'll take the bright lights
You keep the truth
I'll be the Coon

I will sing and dance for you
I'm the Coon

Could I dance without strings?
And still make you laugh?
And smile when I sing?
Never seen the puppeteer's eyes
But they're supposed to be kind
and this life's so easy on the mind
My people tell me I'm turning the screw
They don't understand
The world loves a Coon

No, I'm not sposed to think but I suppose if I did
I might find this all a bit cruel
In a country of dreams, a man can't be a king
Without somebody being his fool
But I'm just foolin with you
I'm just the Coon

The Great Routine!
An actor in the mirror is darkening his face down
to a character with burnt cork and a rag
Laughs at his expense have always covered his expenses
Well it's the only thing he knows and the best he'll ever have

Bright lights, his name announced, a house full of excitement
Once upon a time those were his dreams
The worst is he understands it's all counterfeit
He's the saddest man I know and the funniest they've ever seen

Watch him stumble, dance and sing
The audience laughs. It's so obscene
His stuttering is all routine
But his heart is just as broken as his speech

He's waiting on his chaperone to take him to the bar
of a theatre he's sold out for years
He could buy one hundred rounds
But it wouldn't take the edge off
of the only dance that makes a whole crowd cheer

For the minstrels final act
He hangs himself from the rafters
Silence falls, nobody laughs
It was the blackest comedy they'd ever seen

In My Head
In my head I was wasn't an actor
In my head I was sincere
and I could express my thoughts directly
without the fear of what they'd think of me

In my head, I wasn't a charmer
Didn't fool her into lovin me
Didn't even need to trick myself
Into thinking this was something else to be happy

I've got something inside pumping under my skin
More than blood and it keeps me up at night
When the world is asleep a perpetual dream
That there is more to life

In my head you looked right at me
and I didn't need to look away
Our fingers locked like piano keys
Mine fit accidentally, yours were natural
You found my wordiness attractive
And shared the you no one would ever see
and I was more than just a stand-in
For the next unworthy bastard that you meet

As the lights that only blind finally find their way to black
I think to myself watching all the colored speck dance away
There is so much more to me
but this is all the world will see

In my head it's the future
and all of this makes sense to me

Afterward (You Should Have Seen it)
I cut your rope down
From the rafters
Once everybody went home
A different person
Than they arrived
At the ol' minstrel show

Once they realized
What had happened
The main curtain was drawn
But it was too late
Everyone witnessed
Damage that cant be undone

You should have seen it!
they couldn't believe it!
You forced them to see a man
take his life in his own hands
Left em speechless
they couldn't believe it....

There's no pride
No satisfaction
No lynching photographs
Just your final image
Guilt is seeping
The masks are starting to crack

The paper boys shouting
"Read all about it!
On a vaudville stage at night,
a famous minstrel takes his life!"
They're all reading but still can't believe it
Described at your funeral
as 3/5's of a man with 6/5's of a soul

As you walk along the clouds and find
what this is all about are you still angry?
I heard, in heaven, all of your pain
falls in drops of rain and it hasn't stopped for days
Man you should have seen it
They couldn't believe it


Briar Rabbit & The Company You Keep  (2011)

The numbers on the bottom can’t keep up
In a race they used to win against the top
Watch from the sidelines at the pump
Now that the price of gas is more than the cost of love Time stumbles on and I am waiting on
A bus that’s gonna come and take me home

Consistency was something that I chased
But every friend comes with an expiration date
It’s just a matter of how long it takes
Before it goes bad and you gotta throw it away
And move on, what are you waiting on?
A bus ain’t gonna come
Lingering’s for sunsets so it’s best to just be done

Love keeps you warm and it leaves you cold
Back and forth and sometimes bought and sold
For every heart, there is a hole
But that’s not how we’d like our story told

All your endeavors aren’t enough
Without the motor skills or spine to back em up
Someone whispered “Tap out, it’s too rough”
But I got sick at the though of giving up
A nomadic soul is an alright goal
Always jumping post to post
Until youre just a haunted house with an apathetic ghost

The Company You Keep
Been thinking about all the places that I’ve called “home”
Just another town I was hanging around till I make it on my own
But each time felt more like a try out like I was under a microscope
Tried to settle in tried to settle down then I settled

Keep thinking about all the people that I’ve called “home”
Just another crowd I was hanging around till I make it on my own
Each time it doesn’t work out lose a little more hope
Try to settle in, try to settle down but can’t settle

They say you’re only as good as the company you keep
but lately I’ve been keeping to myself
I never understood what it meant anyhow

There’s a ghost upstairs, he stamps, he shouts, he screams until the morning
But it’s the melody that he always sings that keeps me from sleeping
And there’s a girl somewhere I guess you could say that she got away though I disagree
Cause her beauty was a welcome mat, she said “wipe your feet and hang your hat”
But I couldn’t stay for long

These days, my minds more like a maze
filled with thoughts that stalk me like minotaurs they try to eat me whole
So say you’ll be my ball of twine and I swear I’ll be fine
Knowing you can lead me home

Your room hangs like the moon
against the dark apartments
Some nights you feel just as far
then I get inside of my mind
and can't find a way out
I think of when I knew you

So I take walks with my sorrow
and hope they find someone new
to stand by and never let down
But we just end up lurking around
like the memories that painted this town
I wish i never knew you

Guess I'll wait for the day I can turn out that light
when your place and your face just turn back into night
And I can stop wondering if there's a man in the moon
next to you

Sunrise and to my surprise
some pride replaces the blue
By strange coincidence I run into you
We speak and I'm searchin your eyes
but just cant figure it out
Its like I never knew you

I guess I never knew you.

All My Words
All my words are premature
Thoughts, half-formed, fall out of my mouth
It just gets worse when you are around me (watching me)
Digging a hole, dirtying up your pretty dress
But you promise me you were already a mess

My whole day is a series of distractions
To keep my brain from places you say it shouldn’t be
And I’m not sure what it is about me that wants to believe
That you’re wrong and I am what you really need
Cause that’s just some cinematic dream

Sometimes we’re actors playing ourselves
In a movie that only makes sense without the sound
And I’m all nerves cause any given second
Someone will yell “cut” turn and thank me for my time

You are a battleground for
a civil war where no one wins
Between a lonely body and
a heart whose only wish is to be alone

Keep it casual or be a casualty

Note To Self: Make New Mistakes
You play the boyscout trying to put fires out
but you always end up in flames
Whenever you try to save the day
But you still try and save the day
Sometimes a house has to burn before anyone learns
Sometimes the best teacher is pain
and you just have to look away

They break your heart behind your back
They shove it in your face
and you let them have their way
why do you let them have their way?
Stick it out till you hate the town
and you wake up on the road
But you've lost all control
You're spinning circles in the night and you can't let go

Dad says "Make new mistakes, Boy.
Don't you know that a heart can swallow you whole?"
Dad says "Don't do what I did.
Please yourself fore you go off pleasing the world"

I've got secrets darker than my skin
I know where they start but I don't know where they end
The kind you wouldn't even tell your very best friend

Now the night time makes you second guess
until your coffee's cold
Giving form to all the fears
that ignorance hid all those years ago

Tread Lightly
You're beautiful and skittish
Unconventional and kind
You're scared of your own shadow
You love to take your time
and I don't have a lot of it
but you can have all mine

Teach me to tread lightly so I don't lose what I've found
Cause I've heard the horror stories
of how you split when you freak out
and I know this sounds selfish
but please just bare with me
'cause for the first time in a long time
What I want is what I need

On my day off I bought daises
across the street from where you live
I had my finger on your buzzer
but just couldn't take the risk
so I settled for some coffee
and thought of you the whole goddamn time
Left the daises on the counter
for someone else to find

Mornin' layin in your bed like I got nowhere to be
Talking about everything we saw when we were sleep
And aside from all my work dreams
there was one I couldn't say
Where my pulse matched the rhythm
of your footsteps running away

Oh I've been warned but it's never stopped me before
I love like a clumsy kid whose limbs are too big
I break the pretty things on accident

My mouth tastes like cigarettes
That I never smoked
Memories are gently tangled
With the words you never spoke
The details come to focus
Frustration melts
Nothing hurts like knowing
That I brought this on myself
When I saw you sipping coffee
you looked as delicate as steam
Oh how I watched you float

I held you like a balloon
Filled with all of my breath
You were so content to linger
Just unable to connect
So you loved me like a phantom
It was the best you could do
Cause when there’s no skin to puncture
Everything feels twice removed
Sinking in your silence
I could not will my tongue to move
So watched you float

That final night you laid with me
Oh my dandelion, I made my wish and blew on you
Then you were gone, I watched you float.