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Zach Morris Pause

Sometimes I move too fast and forget to thank people so every step of the way I want to make sure everyone knows how loved they are. 

I started Briar Rabbit maybe four months after I got to Chicago in 2009. I played my first show in the Five of Hearts Loft in February of 2011 and then a year later I put out “Briar Rabbit and The Company You Keep.” Since then, things have caught on at an astonishing pace. First the Whistler sold out, some articles in Chicago Blogs, then The Red Eye feature, then listed as a top 12 to see at Taste of Chicago, and yesterday the Tribune had some kind words to say. So as im getting ready to play Taste of Chicago and watching people generously donate THEIR money so I can tour in a veggie oil bus, I’d like to take a second to say thank you. I know in some eyes Briar Rabbit hasn’t done much yet, but in my eyes it’s insane for the time period. So thanks to the Family, Five of Hearts (and associates), Nicki Singleton, Clarke!, Sturley, Stephen B, Smeal, Barnold, Carter Co, Saff, Jon Tolliver, Patrick, Vanessa, Tino, George, Josh, Jon L, Matt Settle, The Sloth, Michael Mullowney, Archie Powell and The Exports, Chanelle, Grape Juice, Double Door, Whistler, Windy City Rock, The Shams, Reviewsic, De’mar, Matt Pais, Roeper, Sweeney, North Ave, and anyone who’s made it out to a show or just listened. I know I’m forgetting some people. Sorry. This has truly been the year of the Rabbit and I know there are so many cool things on the horizon and more awesome people to meet. I am stoaked. 

Time for work,