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This is how it all ends


This is the final track of The Great Routine called Afterward. It really means a lot to me, those of you who’ve taken the time to write to me and let me know that you liked the record. With this final track I imagined that a janitor of the theatre who may have been friends with the minstrel has a conversation with him after death. One of those things where you talk outloud and know they’re listening. You can download the whole album now too so please tell your friends and thanks so much for going on this journey with me! 

Click the back track button and that’s where the song is. 


I cut your rope down 
From the rafters 
Once everybody went home 
A different person 
Than they arrived 
At the ol’ minstrel show 

Once they realized 
What had happened 
The main curtain was drawn 
But it was too late 
Everyone witnessed 
Damage that cant be undone 

You should have seen it! 
they couldn’t believe it! 
You forced them to see a man 
take his life in his own hands 
Left em speechless 
they couldn’t believe it…. 

There’s no pride 
No satisfaction 
No lynching photographs 
Just your final image 
Guilt is seeping 
The masks are starting to crack 

The paper boys shouting 
"Read all about it! 
On a vaudville stage at night, 
a famous minstrel takes his life!” 
They’re all reading but still can’t believe it 
Described at your funeral 
as 3/5’s of a man with 6/5’s of a soul 

As you walk along the clouds and find 
what this is all about are you still angry? 
I heard, in heaven, all of your pain 
falls in drops of rain and it hasn’t stopped for days 
Man you should have seen it 
They couldn’t believe it

(c) 2012 Briar Rabbit 


Download the entire album here. Seriously, it helps more than you know! 


Respectfully yours, 

-Briar Rabbit