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The Great Routine!

This tune totally started my whole obsession: 


(c) briar rabbit 2012 

An actor in the mirror is darkening his face down 
to a character with burnt cork and a rag 
Laughs at his expense have always covered his expenses 
Well it’s the only thing he knows and the best he’ll ever have 

Bright lights, his name announced, a house full of excitement 
Once upon a time those were his dreams 
The worst is he understands it’s all counterfeit 
He’s the saddest man I know and the funniest they’ve ever seen 

Watch him stumble, dance and sing 
The audience laughs. It’s so obscene 
His stuttering is all routine 
But his heart is just as broken as his speech 

He’s waiting on his chaperone to take him to the bar 
of a theatre he’s sold out for years 
He could buy one hundred rounds 
But it wouldn’t take the edge off 
of the only dance that makes a whole crowd cheer 

For the minstrels final act 
He hangs himself from the rafters 
Silence falls, nobody laughs 
It was the blackest comedy they’d ever seen