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Stage it!

I just had an incredible experience playing for amazing fans, friends and family on As an artist who has yet to hit certain parts of the country or haven’t played for in a while. It was so much fun, a bit odd at first to not be able to interact in the traditional way but definitely a quality experience. If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ll have seen the millions of #preproduction tweets. It’s a pretty humbling thing to put your phone on airplane mode, disconnect your internet and record a song to a click, then analyze it and play it better for hours on end. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. There have been so many snags in trying to get this record made and I must say the world has a very funny way of working out but it always seems to be perfect. I’m nursing a broken heart the only way I know how and I hope that the songs that have come from that can help somebody like they have helped me. Cause isn’t that sort of what arts about? All sorts of different medicines to make you feel whatever it is you need to feel? I mean an artist will never matter to you, however talented they are until they make you feel something. Anyways, hopefully we get some snow before long.

Be good to eachother,