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In My Head

This is probably the least straightforward song on The Great Routine. I saw it as a pretty universal struggle between trying to make your insides match your outsides which is essentially what I think everyone strives for and the minstrel Getting to the point where he goes “This got so out of hand”

In My Head 

(C) Briar Rabbit 2012 

In my head, I wasn’t an actor In my head I was sincere 

and I could express my thoughts directly 

without the fear of what they’d think of me

In my head, I wasn’t a charmer, I didnt fool her into lovin me 

I didn’t even need to trick myself 

Into thinking this was something else to be happy 

Cause I’ve got something inside 

Pumping under my skin more than blood 

and it keeps me up at night 

When the world is asleep 

a perpetual dream that there is more to life 

In my head you looked right at me and I didn’t even look away 

Our fingers locked like piano keys, mine fit accidentally 

Yours were natural 

You found my wordiness attractive and shared the you no one would ever see 

And I was more than just a stand in for the next unworthy bastard

That you meet 

So as the lights that only blind, finally find their way to black 

I think to myself, watching all the colored flecks just dance away 

There is so much more to me 

But this is all the world will see 

In my head it’s the future and all of this makes sense to me