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Holy Updates


I know it’s been a minute so I figured I’d keep you up to date on the latest happenings. We’ve got tons of shows coming up and I’ve been playing a bit in madison and I have to say it’s a lot of fun. The crowds are super warm and inviting to strangers from Chicago. Hannah said her sisters friend ended up at the show and her sister earned some street cred so technically we’re famous now. Oh we went to the worlds biggest truck stop. We’re not sure if it’s true but here’s a photo 

Trivia matt got a little too excited

We missed the java blend because shawty decided to act a fool and Curt helped us figure out why! 

We also have brand spankin new shirts available at our Online Store ! 

Shooting a scene for the upcoming float video. It’s not as sexy to be in a bed with a woman when there’s also a dude with a camera in your face. Jussayin. But it’ll look sexy when you see it. I promise. Check it out on December 16th at The Burlington

That’s it for now sports fans, oh by the way I’m digging on twitter these days so hit me up @Briar_Rabbit.