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SO Long! The End of Briar Rabbit

Hello, my name is Phillip-Michael Scales. 

I have decided to play music under my given name and end Briar Rabbit. While the moniker has served me well and I stand behind the work I've done as Briar Rabbit, I feel ready to play under my name. After all, my mother gave it to me! 

When I started Briar Rabbit, I was fresh out of college working as a host at a California pizza kitchen. I wanted it to be a nickname as well as a band name since I had just left my previous band, wanted options. In retrospect, it was transitional and an opportunity to experiment with "my sound." Experiment I did! Mandolins, string quartets, concept albums about minstrels in the 1800's! After six years, I've grown into a sound that feels like me. It's soulful, a bit folky in the lyrics, and above all honest and personal. Honest and personal have always been at the heart of it but now I feel like I've got a way to showcase that. Personal songs should come from a person, right?

The move to Los Angeles has really solidified who I am  both personally and musically, I now feel confident in who Phillip-Michael Scales is. So I present to you the first official release: It's an acoustic EP called "Melodies & Ghosts." It's the highest sound quality I've ever had and really showcases the songs. It's available to buy here! The plan is to come out with a bigger sounding record soon. But for now... allow me to reintroduce myself! 

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And don't worry about your favorite songs. Chances are they'll resurface on a record or a life show but they'll always be available here! And if you want to get a shirt to commemorate BR, those are still up here

Onwards and upwards my friends!


Phillip-Michael Scales