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Behind the Scene at "Lay it on Me"

About a week ago, I (admittedly impulsively) released the music video for lay it on me. 

Every time I played it for someone, I ended up giving them the play by play, mostly because it was fun. So I figured why not just give whoever reads this a little behind the scenes fun too. 

First things first, the video was filmed in one shot. We began rehearsing at around 4 pm after a few hours of set up. We shot it inDetroit with a director who lives in LA so it was the first time the whole crew was together in the space. We run through the video a bunch of times to get the camera right, the light right, the rabbit right, then sleeping girl right etc. It's exciting watching it take form and getting better takes and until finally using the confetti and taping it.  THE CONFETTI, WOOF! Well let me tell you, the confetti had to be swept up after every single take. Luckily for me I had some dear friends who would trade off sweeping it up with me between takes. It ended up getting everywhere and if you look hard enough during the video, you may see a few crumbs of dirt. Whoops. 

Finally around 12 am, we get a great shot in real time, Jacob (the director) thinks the footage would look smoother if we got a take in slow-motion. Cool. Except that now I have to sing the song at 250% of the original speed and "Feel it." It was a challenge I was up for and I thought it turned out pretty well but that also meant was that we lost about 1:30 of a 3:00 song so everyone had to move twice as fast. Once you see the camera pan down to Sara's (the sleeping woman) face, Jacob yelled "STRIKE" and patrick gets rid of the tea kettle and the light stand you saw, Matt moves a light you can't see, and I take my mic and guitar off stage, turn a light off and move a speaker so you can see the fridge. My two best friends Matt and Pat have a bunch of theatre experience so they were pretty much pros when it came to this. 

It was really sort of gratifying at the end when we finally finished at 2 am! The video came out well and I'm proud of it.